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4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Property Wholesaler to Buy a House in Tulsa

So how does wholesaling work? Wholesalers offer investors the opportunity to realize significant returns on properties without doing all of the leg work for themselves to locate the property. Instead, wholesalers find these properties through marketing efforts that bring in potential investments. Then, they inspect the property and negotiate with the owner. Typically never buying the property themselves, the wholesaler acts as a middleman assigning the contract for the home over to the investor, who is waiting with cash in hand to close on the deal. 

With only four steps from start to finish, wholesaling deals happen swiftly, removing the typical delays associated with buying property from the MLS. You also benefit by avoiding paying commissions or other expenses. Cutting out the middle man (real estate agents) saves everyone time and money. 

Wholesaling has flourished because of the dual service provided. First, helping property owners who can no longer afford their properties or no longer want them with a solution to their problems. Secondly, assisting investors to achieve their goals. As a result, wholesalers find hidden gems in need of serious polishing by these willing and ready investors and help improve Tulsa one property at a time. 

Read on as we explore four reasons you should work with a property wholesaler to buy a house in Tulsa.

In the Flow

We can help find the best deals as wholesalers because of our immersion in the flow of the Tulsa real estate market. Our daily focus is on the Tulsa market and staying in touch with our vast network of local connections, which bring in leads for exclusive properties. More leads are developed daily through our marketing efforts and our steady stream of responses. As a result, wholesalers like those at Integrity Home Buyers have their finger on the pulse of values and know when they have a good deal, which is a significant reason you should work with a property wholesaler to buy a house in Tulsa.


Every property wholesaler will always recommend that you should conduct your own inspections on the homes they are trying to sell to you. However, if this is not something you feel comfortable doing, or if it’s not possible for whatever reason, then Integrity Home Buyers can do inspector-level inspections for any of their properties before the due diligence period ends.

Inspections give a person a chance to see what needs addressing in order for them to move forward with closing the deal. If there are irreparable foundation issues or electrical hazards, inspectors make sure they let potential buyers know immediately instead of waiting until after contracts have been signed and money has changed hands. During inspection periods – which last at least 24 hours – results from reports also come back to Integrity Home Buyers so they can let you know what’s needed to be done first.


Wholesalers like those at Integrity Home Buyers are experts at negotiations, which is another reason you should work with a property wholesaler to buy a house in Tulsa. Approaching these owners can sometimes take great skill and finesse. However, with years of prior negotiations under their belt, professional wholesalers understand how to work with various personalities and stress levels of the people who hold these properties and attain remarkable results that benefit buyers like you.

Our track record of success and highly experienced professionals know how to find an undervalued property run the numbers, and negotiate with the owners to bring the best deal to your door. These are just a few of the reasons you should work with a property wholesaler from Integrity Home Buyers to buy a house in Tulsa. Why not speak to a wholesaler from Integrity Home Buyers and find out how your real estate investment business can benefit. The wholesalers at Integrity Home Buyers stop and take the time to listen. At Integrity Home Buyers, we invite you to ask any questions about hurdles holding you back and share any concerns about the process with no obligation. Contact Integrity Home Buyers at (405) 367-6048.

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